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M Trim offers a variety of specialized services to achieve that unique custom interior you desire. By combining CNC stitching, Custom Embroidery and the latest in Laser Technology, we enable you to provide the highest level of customization to your projects.


Car Seat Embroidery -

Our CNC Stitching process enables you to apply the latest technology and techniques for precise, consistent sewing and patterning to all of your projects. Our experienced operators take the science and exactness of computerized sewing and combine it with the art of creative and innovative upholstery designs to make your work stand out.

CNC stitching is also known as computerised sewing and quilted panel sewing. No matter what you call it, Automated Upholstery Designs will help you get it done right, on time and on budget.

We look forward to collaborating and assisting you with your next project.


Seats, Headliners, dashboards, consoles and panels of all types for cars, autos, trucks, buses, aeroplanes, boats and RVs.

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Choosing the right patterns and thread colour can really help to take your interior to the next level. Our CNC sewing equipment is capable of working with a number of design patterns. Many of these provide great attention to detail. Please take a few minutes to review the standard patterns shown below. Please note that we also can create any specific pattern you like and make them proprietary to your company.

CNC Stitching Service -