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We offer perforation and embossing services for the automotive, aviation & marine industries. With our latest CNC perforation technology, we have the capability to create any hole patterns on vinyl & leather. We stock the highest quality leather and vinyl for upholstery.  We offer advanced and the highest quality perforating and embossing with a cost-effective solution and fast delivery.


A wide range of perforated (punched) car leathers – various perforations of car leathers to choose from any pattern will satisfy every demanding customer.

Perforated leather undergoes a punching process. Perforated car leathers are distinguished by their attractive appearance, as well as being pleasant to the touch and very durable. These leathers are also characterized by very good breathability, which is why they are perfect for heated and cooled seats, as well as for steering wheels. You can often see them in cars of higher class Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Porsche.

Our assortment includes a wide range of leathers from various high quality manufacturers. The perforations available from us are round and square with optional stripes or pinstripes. Our offer also includes effective embossed leather with patterns.

Various perforations of car leathers and colors make it possible to adjust them individually to many places of assembly in cars and other vehicles. Our employees are always ready to help you choose the best leather designs.


Our perforated leather or vinyl has wide usage for upholstery of car seats and sofas, soft upholstery elements. It is also widely use for hard elements of upholstery, dashboards (cockpits). Ideal for sewing steering wheels, gear knobs and bellows. We offer various texture patterns to bring more luxurious look in to your material.

We Offer Fully Customized Patterns:

  • Custom Design
  • OEM Designs
  • Perforation
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