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Steering Wheel Restoration

One of the important parts of the car interior is the steering wheel because we use it every day to drive. If you do not maintain it, lubricating the steering wheel interior with saddle soap or leather conditioner, after a few years of daily contact and sunlight, the materials it is made of will begin to wear away and the following problems may arise:

  • The leather steering wheel is peeling
  • It has bald spots, holes or scales
  • Paint wear from regular use
  • Leather interior cracked
  • Steering wheel/seams have scratches or cracks

So when this happens, the steering wheel needs to be maintained. We are one of the best car upholsterers in London. If you have any questions about your vinyl or leather steering wheel, we will be happy to help. We can repair it or restore it. Additionally, we restore steering wheels by wrapping them in new leather, vinyl, or other materials. We are also specialists in custom carbon fibre steering wheels.

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